Property Management

Are You Tired of Landlording?

Personally managing the rental of just one property can become a time consuming process. Many people start the process of finding renters by asking friends if they “know anybody,” but this approach can open up a whole new can of worms.

Suppose that a friend-of-a-friend is renting your house, and they don’t turn out to be reliable with basic care of the property or even monthly payments. Now you’re left in the awkward position of evicting your best friend’s brother…or worse. What if he / she doesn’t agree to leave?

Personal recommendations can lead to a great tenant in the best case, or it can lead to the loss of friendships, time, money and even litigation in the worst case scenario. Finding tenants without recommendations can end with the same tricky results.

Imagine the peace of mind you could have if you know your tenant is reliable before they take up residence in your rental home.

Let Us Find Reliable Tenants for Your Property.

It’s of the utmost importance to ensure that you have a responsible individual / family living in your rental home. Bundy Appraisal is prepared to take that weight off your shoulders with over 40 years’ experience in property management.

Applicants are screened by running credit checks, rental histories and reviewing public record. This process greatly decreases the occurrence of late monthly payments and usually means that the tenant will be comfortable in agreeing to a longer period of time for their lease.

Being able to count on the regular income of a one year lease (or longer) = peace of mind.

Reliability also includes the tenant’s pride in their living situation. Just as you care for the upkeep of your property, a thorough background check allows us to find tenants that are agreeable in maintaining the cleanliness of the home inside as well as general outdoor maintenance.

We strive to prevent undue wear and tear from occurring, and we offer maintenance 24/7. If your tenant is faced with a water leak for example, we are available to deal with the issue before any further damage is caused. Property owners benefit from these services, and renters will appreciate fast service to avoid any inconvenience.

    Making Your Property Attractive to Potential Tenants

    Our network provides marketing / advertising that far outperforms the results of Craigslist or newspaper ads. Our website will showcase your property with multiple photographs and listings of amenities that potential tenants are seeking.

    We are happy to accommodate the schedule of potential tenants throughout the week and weekend so they can tour your property.

    Does your property need more curb appeal or interior upgrades? Bundy Appraisal works with a network of professionals to provide estimates for improvements, and these estimates are free of charge to our clients.

    Let Us Take Care of the Paperwork

    In addition to tenant screening and lease negotiations, the documents involved in the leasing agreement can be quite time-consuming. Bundy Appraisal will work with you individually and adjust the paperwork to suite your preferences. For example, you may want the tenant to agree to tasks like lawn care and pool maintenance, or you may want to have these tasks outsourced.

    Inspections are performed prior to the tenants taking residence on the property, and the tenants are provided with a checklist to document any flaws for future reference. These preparations help to avoid any misunderstandings that could arise in the future regarding the conditions of the property.

    Bundy Appraisal will collect rent in the following ways: in person, secured drop-box and online. Regime fees, taxes and insurance are paid from rent proceeds, and we pass on savings to you as the owner if any commercial discounts apply.